I Am Peace

Iesha Sekou & Mr.

The I Am Peace Movement

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I Am Peace
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The I Am Peace Movement is exactly what it says, a movement for peace that begins with each of us individually, then connects us, collectively. I Am Peace was initiated by Iesha Sekou and has become the rallying cry for Street Corner Resources’ efforts to establish peace as a way of life in our community. To wit, the Peace Café, Occupy the Corners, Lie Down to Stop Gun Violence are just some of the on-going activities of the Movement. Get on the Peace Train!

The I Am Peace T-shirt has become a regular part of the wardrobe of many a Harlemite! Wear the Message, Become the Message!!

Shirt Proceeds

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  • Everyone will get items and we divided into 2 group to
  • We aggregate in the city center at 8:00 pm.
  • 100 volunteers needed for this charity activity.

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